Our Students

Our Students


Our students research a wide range of topics related to parallel computing, heterogeneity, concurrency and distribution, as outlined below.

2014 Intake

Chris Cummins

Machine learning based compilation, dynamic autotuning.

Personal page │ Email: c.cummins @ ed.ac.uk

Primary supervisor: Hugh Leather

Simon Fowler

Session types, programming language design and implementation, functional programming, concurrency, process calculi.

Personal page │ Email: simon.fowler @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Philip Wadler

James Ganis

Researching parallelism benefits for machine learning algorithms. Currently investigating combining point-based POMDP algorithms with parallelization techniques.


Email: j.p.ganis @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Subramanian Ramamoorthy

Adam Harries_photoAdam Harries

Skeletal and functional parallel programming for graph theoretic and irregular algorithms using GPUs.

Personal page │ Email: adam.harries @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Christophe Dubach

Stan Manilov

Looking into parallelization and compilation of legacy software to heretogeneous multi-core digital signal processors.

Personal page │ Email: s.z.manilov @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by Cirrus Logic │ Primary supervisor: Björn Franke

Artemy Margaritov

Processor architectures for data centres: streaming and sharing microarchitecture state among cores executing the same workload.

Email: Artemy.Margaritov @ ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by ARM │ Primary supervisor: Boris Grot

Davide Pinato

My research area is Software Defined Networking (SDN) which focuses on obtaining a global view of a network through the use of a centralised controller. Controller design is key to achieve low latencies and high throughput. I will be performing practical experiments aiming to provide ways to overcome current challenges through the use of SDN.

Personal page │ Email: D.Pinato @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Myungjin Lee

Martin Rüfenacht

Scalable message passing and high performance computing.

Personal page │ Email: m.ruefenacht @ ed.ac.uk

Primary supervisor: Stephen Booth

Galini Tsoukaneri

I am interested in new generation cellular networks (4G, 5G) and specialising in emerging applications like Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M), Software Defined Networking (SDN), as well as energy efficiency of portable devices.


Email: G.Tsoukaneri @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Mahesh Marina

Justs Zariņš

I’m interested in asynchronous algorithms for exascale supercomputers to achieve scalability and application-based fault tolerance.

Personal page │ Email: j.zarins @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Michele Weiland

2015 Intake

Floyd Chitalu

Real-time physics-based simulations; Volumetric-mesh deformation and interaction using Finite Element Methods;  Computer Graphics; GPU computing.

Personal page │ Email: floyd.m.chitalu @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Taku Komura

V_DumitrescuVictor Dumitrescu

Interactive theorem proving systems, collaborative proof writing, asynchronous and parallel proof checking and discovery.

Email: victor.dumitrescu @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Jacques Fleuriot

Philip Ginsbach

My research is on compiler based approaches to better utilize heterogeneous computing architectures.

Email: s1523501 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by: ARM │ Primary supervisor: Mike O’Boyle

D_HillerstroemDaniel Hillerström

Effect handlers, semantics and type systems for programming languages, compilers, and performance portable code compilation.

Personal page │ Email: daniel.hillerstrom @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Sam Lindley

C_Laoide_KempCaoimhín Laoide-Kemp

My research interests involve the development of an alternative to the halo exchange communication pattern, using data streams in MPI.

Email: s1430015 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Daniel Holmes

D_MillsDaniel Mills

My research is in quantum computing with a focus on quantum verification and quantum simulation. I hope to employ ideas about classical distributed systems and the interpretation of quantum parallelism as the ‘ultimate’ form of classical parallelism to make progress.

Email: s1577825 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Elham Kashefi

P_PihoPaul Piho

Stochastic process algebras, quantitative modelling, Markov analysis, fluid approximations.

Email: s1106918 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Jane Hillston

A_ShahabAmna Shahab

Investigating new memory system organizations for data centre servers to overcome the limitations of the existing designs in terms of performance, power and cost when dealing with data-intensive applications.


Email: Amna.Shahab @ ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by: Google │ Primary supervisor: Boris Grot

R_SinghRajkarn Singh

I am working towards the design of efficient next-generation mobile network architecture. I’m interested in exploiting the potential of machine learning and game theoretic approaches for improving efficiency of mobile networks.


Email: s1536594 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Mahesh Marina

L_StoltzfusLarisa Stoltzfus

My research interests include: performance portability, parallel abstractions, HPC simulations, stencil optimisations and code generation / compiler technologies.

Personal Page | Email: s1147290 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Christophe Dubach

chris-vasiladiotis_portraitChris Vasiladiotis

My current research interest is the automatic compiler parallelization of legacy software and its further promotion to structured parallel patterns, with a focus on loop level parallelism.

Email:  C.Vasiladiotis @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Björn Franke
V_Yaneva2Vanya Yaneva

I am interested in ways to increase the scope and performance of general purpose computing on the GPU in the context of software testing. I will be looking into ways to accelerate the execution of large application test suites using GPGPUs. I am also interested in parallel programming models and languages.

Personal Page | Email: vanya.yaneva @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Ajitha Rajan

Jakub Zalewski

Gradual typing, session types, programming language design and implementation, functional programming, and concurrency.

Email: jakub.zalewski @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Philip Wadler


2016 Intake

rodrigo-alternative-size-photoRodrigo Caetano de Oliveira Rocha
My main research interests include optimising compilers, parallel programming, energy-aware high performance computing and also applied machine learning.

Personal page │Email: r.rocha @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Hugh Leather

ludovic-capelliLudovic Capelli

Leveraging behavioural types in existing languages to provide a mixed abstraction model of parallel codes.


Personal page │Email: l.capelli @ ed.ac.uk

Primary supervisor: Nick Brown

lewis_crawfordLewis Crawford

I am interested in graphics, animation, GPUs, and compilers. My research will look into the opportunities for improved parallelism and compiler optimisation in high-performance real-time graphics applications made available by next-generation graphics APIs such as Vulkan.

Email: s1203531 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Mike O’Boyle
vasilis-gavrielatosVasilis Gavrielatos

Architecture support for persistent memory,
computer architecture, computer organization, memory systems,  interconnection networks

Email: Vasilis.Gavrielatos @ ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by ARM │ Primary supervisor: Vijay Nagarajan

 rudihorn2Rudi Horn

Language/API development for type-safe and efficient access of curated scientific databases, as well as machine learning.


Personal Page │Email: r.horn @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: James Cheney

victor-ivanov_profileVictor Ivanov

My research is focused on improving the performance of embedded micro-architectures to achieve higher data rates while still operating in a low power envelope.

Email: victor.ivanov @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Nigel Topham

antonis-katsarakisAntonis Katsarakis
My interests include Systems, Networking, Computer Architecture and Big Data. More precisely, my current research focuses on the identification of bottlenecks  and ways to improve efficiency and scalability in large scale systems.

Personal page  │Email: antonios.katsarakis @ ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by Microsoft Research │Primary Supervisor: Boris Grot

 Wen Kokke

My interests are in programming language design and implementation, focusing on concurrency, substructural and dependent types, and models of computation such as the λ- and π-calculi. In addition to that, I have a soft spot for natural language processing.

Personal Page | Email: wen.kokke @ ed.ac.uk

Primary Supervisor: Philip Wadler

 paulmetzgerPaul Metzger

My research interests focus on parallel programming models and the optimization of parallel programs and systems.
I work on how parallel programs can adapt at run time to changes in the systems on which these programs run.

Email: s1576303 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary Supervisor: Murray Cole

naumsmogersNaums Mogers

Compilation with machine learning-driven automatic parallelization targeting heterogeneous multi-core platforms such as CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs.

Personal page  │Email: naums.mogers @ ed.ac.uk
Primary Supervisor: Christophe Dubach

a-better-me_federicoFederico Pizzuti

My interests are in compiler technology and functional programming languages, especially on how to use functional patterns to express parallelism in a high level and platform independent way.

Email: s1580329 @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary Supervisor: Christophe Dubach

 thomaswrightThomas Wright

I’m interested in techniques to formally model and understand the parallel systems which surround us. I am working on process algebra, an area which attempts to provide ways to express the key features of concurrency, both in concurrent programming languages, and in nature, where parallelism is a key component of all life. Specifically, I am working on the continuous pi-calculus, a process algebra for modelling biochemical systems.

Email: t.d.wright @ sms.ed.ac.uk
Primary Supervisor: Ian Stark

Affiliated Students

stefan-fehrenbachStefan Fehrenbach

I work on language-integrated data provenance and on compiling query languages to distributed, parallel execution.

Personal page │ Email: stefan.fehrenbach @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: James Cheney

Arpit Joshi

Processor architectures and micro-architecture, cache coherence, memory systems, and interconnection networks.

Personal page │ Email: arpit.joshi @ ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by Intel │ Primary supervisor: Vijay Nagarajan


ludovicaLudovica Luisa Vassat

Formal languages for stochastic models, Spatio-temporal logics, Model checking techniques, Spatial modelling in ecology.

Personal page │ Email:  L.Luisa-Vissat @ ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by Microsoft Research │ Primary supervisor: Jane Hillston

Valentin Radu

My research expands the area of pervasive mobile sensing with techniques from robotics and machine learning to infer user contexts.

Personal page │ Email: valentin.radu @ ed.ac.uk
Sponsored by Cisco │ Primary supervisor: Mahesh Marina


Mingcan Zhumingcan-zhu

Memory systems for data centres, Processor architecture and micro-architecture.

Personal page │ Email: mingcan.zhu @ ed.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Boris Grot


Mark Miller

My research interests are related to parallelisation and optimisation of algorithms and applications. My background is primarily in game development and graphic applications where real-time results are important and efficient use of parallel hardware is a must. During my time in the CDT I researched other techniques to further improve efficiency of graphics rendering, as well as applying parallelisation to virtual reality/animation.


Mark is currently working as a Runtime Engineer at Codeplay, one of the CDT’s industry partners.

Website │ Email: markmmiller @ hotmail.co.uk