Student Research Outputs

Student Research Outputs


An amalgamation of the CDT in Pervasive Parallelism’s published and presented works are listed below by type of output:



Chris Cummins (and supervisors Hugh Leather, Pavlos Petoumenos and Zheng Wang) has won the Best Paper award at CGO 2017 for the paper “Synthesizing Benchmarks for Predictive Modeling” CGO brings together researchers and practitioners working at the interface of hardware and software on a wide range of optimization and code generation techniques and related issues.

Vanya Yaneva, was awarded the 2016 Claire Jones prize for the best performance by a female student in the School of Informatics at MSc level. Vanya’s MSc project was on Accelerated Test Execution Using GPUs.

Daniel Hillerström has won the ICFP ACM Student Research Competition for 2016 for his work on “First-Class Message-Passing Concurrency with Handlers”. ICFP provides a forum for researchers and developers to hear about the latest work on the design, implementations, principles, and uses of functional programming. The conference covers the entire spectrum of work, from practice to theory, including its peripheries.

Ludovic Capelli has been selected to attend the 5th Heidelberg Laureate Forum in September 2017.

Published Papers


Yaneva, V, Rajan, A, & Dubach, C,’Compiler Assisted Test Acceleration on GPUs for Embedded Software‘. In International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA), July 2017.

Cummins, C, Petoumenos, P, Wang, Z & Leather, H, ‘Synthesizing Benchmarks for Predictive Modeling‘. In International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO), February 2017.

Ginsbach, P & O’Boyle, M, ‘Discovery and Exploitation of General Reductions: A Constraint Based Approach‘. In International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO), February 2017.


Cummins, C, Petoumenos, P, Steuwer, M & Leather, H , ‘Towards Collaborative Performance Tuning of Algorithmic Skeletons‘. In Workshop on High-Level Programming for Heterogeneous & Hierarchical Parallel Systems (HLPGPU) 2016. HiPEAC, Prague, Czech Republic, 19 January 2016.

Cummins, C, Petoumenos, P, Steuwer, M & Leather, H, ‘Autotuning OpenCL Workgroup Size for Stencil Patterns‘. In International Workshop on Adaptive Self-tuning Computing Systems (ADAPT) 2016. HiPEAC, Prague, Czech Republic, 18 January 2016

Fowler, S,, ‘An Erlang Implementation of Multiparty Session Actors’. In Proceedings of 9th Interaction and Concurrency Experience (ICE 2016), in Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS). Heraklion, Greece, 8-9 June 2016. 10.4204/EPTCS.223.3

Harries, A, Steuwer, M, Cole, M, Gray, A & Dubach, C, ‘Compositional Compilation for Sparse, Irregular Data Parallelism‘. In Workshop on High-Level Programming for Heterogeneous and Hierarchical Parallel Systems (HLPGPU) 2016. HiPEAC, Prague, Czech Republic, 19 January 2016.

Hillerström, D, Lindley, S, ‘Liberating Effects with Rows and Handlers’, In Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Type-Driven Development (TyDe’16). 18 September 2016.

Ruefenacht, M, Bull, M, & Booth, S, 2016, ‘Generalisation of Recursive Doubling for AllReduce‘. In Proceedings of the 23rd European MPI Users’ Group Meeting. EuroMPI, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 26 September 2016.

Piho, P, Hillston, J. ‘Stochastic and Spatial Equivalences for PALOMA’ In Proceedings of the Workshop on FORmal methods for the quantitative Evaluation of Collective Adaptive SysTems, pp 69-80 FORECAST@STAF 2016,  Vienna, Austria, 8 July 2016. 10.4204/EPTCS.217.9

Tsoukaneri, G, Theodorakopoulos, G, Leather, H & Marina, MK, ‘On the Inference of User Paths from Anonymized Mobility Data‘. In Proceedings of the 1st IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P 2016). IEEE, Saarbrucken, Germany, 21-24 March 2016. 10.1109/EuroSP.2016.25

Ruefenacht, M, Bull, M, & Booth, S, Generalisation of Recursive Doubling for AllReduce. In Proceedings of the 23rd European MPI Users’ Group Meeting. EuroMPI, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 26 September 2016


Fowler, S, Denuziere, L & Granicz, A, ‘Reactive Single-Page Applications with Dynamic Dataflow’. In Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 9131, pp. 58-73, 2015. 10.1007/978-3-319-19686-2_5

Manilov, S, Franke, B, Magrath, A & Andrieu, C, ‘Free Rider: A Tool for Retargeting Platform-Specific Intrinsic Functions’. In Proceedings of the 16th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGBED Conference on Languages, Compilers and Tools for Embedded Systems, 2015. 10.1145/2670529.2754962

Miller, M, Holden, D, Al-Ashqar, R, Dubach, C, Mitchell, K & Komura, T, ‘Carpet unrolling descriptors for character control on uneven terrain’. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGRAPH Motion in Games Conference, MIG 2015. 10.1145/2822013.2822031



The presentations listed below are in addition to the presentations of the conference papers listed above, and to the many presentations the students have given at CDT PPar events, including the PPar Lunch programme.


Cummins, C, ‘Building an AI that Codes’, Ocado Technology, Hatfield, UK, 22 July 2016.

Cummins, C, ‘All the OpenCL on GitHub: Teaching an AI to code, one character at a time’. Amazon Development Centre, Edinburgh, UK, 19 May 2016.

Dumitrescu, D ‘A Collaborative Framework for Interactive Theorem Proving’, Inria, Paris, France.

Fowler, S, Mixing Metaphors: Actors as Channels and Channels as Actors”, PLAS Seminar, University of Kent, 21st November 2016.

Fowler, S, ‘Mixing Metaphors: Actors as Channels and Channels as Actors’, at the Scottish Programming Languages Seminar (SPLS), 9th November 2016.

Fowler, S, ‘Actors and Channels in Core Lambda-Calculi’, ABCD Meeting, Edinburgh, UK, January 2016.

Ginbach, P, O’Boyle, M, ‘Compilers for Heterogeneous Computing’, CPC 2016 Valladolid, Spain, 6-8 July 2016.

Hillerström, D, ‘Programming with Algebraic Effects and Handlers, Critical Blue Ltd., Edinburgh, UK, 10 May 2016.

Hillerström, D, ‘Towards Compilation of Affine Algebraic Effects Handlers’, Lunch Lab talk, Networks and Operating Systems group, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK, 26 April 2016.

Hillerström, D, Lindley, S, Sivaramakrishnan KC ‘Compiling Links Effect Handlers to the OCaml Backend’,  ML Workshop, University of Cambridge, UK, 22 September 2016.

Shahab, A, ‘What is the Future of Memory System in Servers?’, Critical Blue, Edinburgh, 24 May 2016

Singh, R, ‘Optimizing Utility in Multiple Query Scenario under Differential Privacy’ Security and Privacy Research Group, University of Edinburgh, UK, 27 October, 2016.

Singh, R, ‘Privacy Preserving Data Sharing in Location Datasets’, Edinburgh Networks Research Group, Edinburgh, UK, 28 January 2016.


Fowler, S, ‘From Actors to Channels and Back Again’, ABCD Scotland Meeting, Glasgow, UK, 9 December 2015.

Fowler, S, ‘Monitoring Erlang/OTP Applications using Multiparty Session Types’, Programming Languages Interest Group (PLInG) Meeting, Edinburgh, UK, 5 October 2015.

Fowler, S, ‘Detecting and Handling Errors in Monitored Session Erlang’, ABCD Meeting, Glasgow, UK, 16-17 September 2015.

Fowler, S, ‘Reactive Single-Page Applications with Dynamic Dataflow’, Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, Portland, USA, 18-19 June 2015.

Fowler, S, ‘Monitored Session Erlang’, CoCo:PoPS, Glasgow, UK, 8-9 June 2015 and ABCD Meeting, London, UK, 20-25 April 2015.

Hillerström, D, ‘Programming with Effect Handlers in Links’, Programming Languages Interest Group, Edinburgh, UK, November 5 2015.

Manilov, S, ‘Free Rider: A Tool for Retargeting Platform-Specific Intrinsic Functions’, Conference on Languages, Compilers and Tools for Embedded Systems, Portland, USA, June 18-19 2015.

Tsoukeneri, G, ‘I Know Where You’ve Been’, Next Generation Networking, Multi-Service Networks workshop (Cosener’s), Oxford, UK, July 2-3 2015.

Zariņš, J, ‘miniBEAST: MCMC Miniapp Case Study’, Exascale Applications and Software Conference (EASC15), Edinburgh, UK, April 21-23 2015.


In addition to the posters which CDT in Pervasive Parallelism students have presented at our internal events, the following posters were presented outside of the CDT in Pervasive Parallelism event programme. 


Cummins, C, Petoumenos, P, Steuwer, M & Leather, H, ‘Auto­t­un­ing OpenCL Work­group Sizes’, PLDI’16 (37th ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming Language Design & Implementation), Santa Barbara, California, 13-17 June 2016.

Cummins, C, Petoumenos, P, Steuwer, M & Leather, H, ‘Auto­t­un­ing OpenCL Work­group Sizes’, ACACES’16 (12th International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems), Fiuggi, Italy, 10-16 July 2016.

Stoltzfus, L, ‘Performance, Portability and Productivity for Room Acoustics Codes’, ISC High Performance Conference, Frankfurt, Germany, 19-23 June 2016.


Cummins, C, Petoumenous, P, Steuwer, M, Leather, H, ‘Humans Need Not Apply’, Google PhD Student Summit on Compiler & Programming Technology, Munich, Germany, 7-9 December 2015.

Margaritov A, ‘Streaming Branch Prediction for Data Centre Processors’, HiPEAC Summer School (ACACES), Fiuggi, Italy, 12-18 July 2015.

Rüfenacht, M, ‘Message Passing Using Direct Memory Access Hardware’, International Summer School on HPC, Toronto, Canada, 21-26 June 2015.

Tsoukaneri G, Theodorakopoulos G, Leather H, Marina M, ‘I Know Where You’ve Been’, Meeting with Keysight Technologies, Edinburgh, UK, 16 September 2015.

Zariņš, J, ‘miniBEAST : MCMC Miniapp Case Study’, Exascale Applications and Software Conference (EASC15), Edinburgh, UK, 21-23 April 2015.


Miller, M, ‘Poxels: Polygonal Voxel Environment Optimizations for Improved Storage and Rendering’, ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST), Edinburgh, UK, 11-13 November 2014.


Further Research Outputs

Addition research outputs generated by the CDT’s activities and resources, (for example, having used the CDT Compute and Data Cluster) are listed here.

Published Papers


Damonte, M, Cohen SB, and Giorgio Satta G, An Incremental Parser for Abstract Meaning Representation, presented at European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL) 2017.


Geras, K and Sutton, C, Composite denoising autoencoders. In European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery (ECML-PKDD). 2016.

Foukas, X, Nikaein, N, Kassem, M, Marina, MK and Kontovasilis, K, FlexRAN: A Flexible and Programmable Platform for Software-Defined Radio Access Networks, to appear in Proc. ACM CoNEXT, Dec 2016.

Manickam, S, Radunovic, B and Marina, MK, CPRecycle: Recycling Cyclic Prefix for Versatile Interference Mitigation in OFDM based Wireless Systems, to appear in Proc. ACM CoNEXT, Dec 2016.

Brock, A, Lim, T, Ritchie, JM, Weston, N, Generative and Discriminative Voxel Modeling with Convolutional Neural Networks. To appear at NIPS 2016 3D Deep Learning Workshop, 2016.

Tammana, P, Agarwal R, and Myungjin Lee, M, Simplifying Datacenter Network Debugging with PathDump, 12th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (USENIX OSDI), 2016.

Priyank Faldu, P, Grot, B, ‘LLC Dead Block Prediction Considered Not Useful‘, 13th Workshop on Duplicating, Deconstructing and Debunking (WDDD), 2016.

Edwards, H and Storkey, A, ‘Censoring Representations with an Adversary’. In International Conference in Learning Representations (ICLR2016), 2016.

Brock, A, Lim, T, Ritchie, JM, Weston, N: Context-Aware Content Generation for Virtual Environments. Presented at ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conference and the Computer and Information in Engineering Conference (ASME IDETC/CIE), 2016.


Geras, K and Sutton, C, Scheduled Denoising Autoencoders. In International Conference on Representation Learning (ICLR). 2015.

Karampatsis, R, ‘CDTDS: Predicting Paraphrases in Twitter via Support Vector Regression‘. In Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2015), pp 75-79, 2015.

Steuwer, M, Fensch, C, Lindley, S & Dubach, C, Generating Performance Portable Code Using Rewrite Rules: From high-level functional expressions to high-performance OpenCL code. In Proceedings of the 20th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming(ICFP 2015), 2015.

Tammana, P, Agarwal, R & Lee, M, CherryPick: Tracing Packet Trajectory in Software-defined Datacenter Networks, in Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGCOMM Symposium on Software Defined Networking Research, ACM, 23, pp. 1-7, 2015.

Papers under Submission / In Preparation

Faldu, P, and Grot, B, Leeway: Adaptive Cache Management for Traditional and Emerging Workloads,
Submitted to ISCA’17.

Brock, A, Lim, T, Ritchie, JM, Weston, N, Neural Photo Editing with Introspective Adversarial Networks. Submitted to 5th International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2017.

Allamanis, M, Chanthirasegaran, P, Kohli, P, and Sutton, C: Learning Continuous Semantic Representations of Symbolic Expressions, submitted to 5th International Conference on Learning Representations, ICLR 2017.