Pervasive Parallelism Seminar Series

Pervasive Parallelism Seminar Series

Seminar series

The Pervasive Parallelism Seminar Series includes seminars hosted by the CDT PPar, alongside seminars selected from existing School of Informatics and EPCC series, which are deemed to be of particular relevance to CDT PPar students and supervisors.

Seminars are added to the current year’s programme as they are announced by the host institute or organisation. Announcements and reminders about PPar Seminars, PPar Lunches and other talks and events, which are relevant to the core areas of the CDT, are sent to the PPar-Announce mailing list.

*If you would like to join the list, please email ppar-cdt @

CDT PPar students are expected to attend as many of the Pervasive Parallelism Seminars as they reasonably can, especially those most relavant to their work.

PPar supervisors, industry partners, and interested staff and students from other institutes or schools are also very welcome to attend any PPar Seminars.

The PPar Seminar schedule for the current year, as well as previous series, are provided below. Please visit regularly, or join our mailing list, for updates.

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Pervasive Parallelism Seminar Series Schedule – 2017/18







Prof. Yungang Bao
(Institute of Computing Technology)
Labeled Computer Architecture: A New Perspective on Software Defined Computer Architecture Thu. 14th Sept 2017 11:00 IF-4.31/4.33 ICSA
Dr. Alan Stokes
(University of Manchester)
Graph-based problems and the SpiNNaker neural HPC architecture Wed. 6 Sept 2017 14:00 JCMB, Room 4325A EPCC

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