Pervasive Parallelism Lunch Programme

Pervasive Parallelism Lunch Programme

The PPar Lunch programme is a weekly lunchtime meeting of Pervasive Parallelism supervisors and students. Most PPar Lunches feature a short talk. The slot also provides a valuable opportunity for PPar members to simply be in the same place at the same time. The Lunches can include relevant announcements, brainstorming sessions, brief conference reports or opinion pieces. PPar students and supervisors are welcome to present or initiate these on the day, after the scheduled talk.

Drinks and biscuits are provided; as per the programme title, attendees are welcome and encouraged to bring their own lunches!


Giving a Talk
Talks should be no more than 30 minutes long, including time for questions. Shorter talks are fine! They can be about your work, a paper you’ve recently read, or anything else related to parallelism.  The speaker schedule is created by the CDT PPar Executive Committee at the start of each year.

Speakers who would like to change the date of their talk are asked to please arrange to swap with another speaker, and email ppar-cdt @ with the arrangements, so that the schedule below can be updated accordingly.

PPar Lunch Speaker and Organiser Schedule

Time and Location:
12:15pm – 1:15pm (talk starts at 12:30pm sharp)
Mini Forum 2
Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street

PPar Lunch Deluxe
Twice a year, we hold a PPar Lunch Deluxe, with pizza and soft drinks provided. These events are an opportunity to socialise with fellow PPar students and supervisors, and are intended to help create a sense of community among and between the cohorts. And eat pizza.

Role of the Student Organiser
PPar Lunches are organised in large part by students, with guidance from the CDT staff. Each student takes on the organiser role for a few weeks during their MSc year. The organisers are included in the yearly schedules (please see the links above).

The student organiser’s responsibilities are:

  • Reminding speakers about their scheduled talks.
  • Sending a reminder announcement of the talk to the ppar-announce list, a couple of days before the talk, and again on the morning of the talk.
  • Gathering presentations and loading them onto a laptop (or ensuring that the speaker is bringing their own)
  • Collecting the projector from room 4.37 (the support office two doors along from MF2), and returning it later.
  • Buying and providing biscuits and soft drinks (which will be reimbursed by the CDT). Make sure there are a reasonable number of plastic cups available: there is a stack in the corner of the CDT office, please buy some more if necessary.
  • Setting up the room and clearing up afterwards.

If you would like to be added to the ppar-announce mailing list, to receive announcements about upcoming PPar Lunches and PPar Seminars, please email ppar-cdt @