Pervasive Parallelism Lunch, 2017-18 Series

Pervasive Parallelism Lunch, 2017-18 Series

We gather for Pervasive Parallelism Lunches on Wednesdays from 12:15pm, with the talk starting at 12:30pm sharp, in Informatics Forum Mini-Forum 2 [IF-4.40], unless otherwise noted.

For details about PPar Lunch logistics, please see the main Pervasive Parallelism Lunch Programme page.

*NOTE* students and speakers are free to swap dates with fellow organizers/speakers if unavailable on the assigned date. Please inform the PPar Administrator of any changes.

Semester 1

Date Student Organizer Speaker Title / Abstract
27-Sep-17 Chris Vasiladiotis Murray Cole Introducing Cohort 4
4-Oct-17 Chris Vasiladiotis Chris Cummins
11-Oct-17 Nicolai Oswald No Speaker. Meet to chat.
18-Oct-17 Margus Lind Hugh Leather Introducing Compucast
25-Oct-17 Margus Lind Martin Ruefenacht Playing with the Bandwidth of Recursive Multiplying
1-Nov-17 Maxi Behnke Arpit Joshi Architectural Support for Persistent Memory

Emerging non-volatile memory technologies (like 3DXpoint) enable fast, fine-grained persistence compared to slow block-based devices (like disks). However, ensuring consistency of data structures in non-volatile (persistent) memory is a challenge. Ordering and atomic durability are two primitives that can be used to ensure that updates to persistent memory happen in a consistent manner. In this talk, we will see that current support for ordering using persist barriers and atomic durability using software logging add cache line flushes to the critical path. As a solution to this problem, we first propose an efficient persist barrier that reduces the number of cache line flushes happening in the critical path. Then we present ATOM, a hardware log manager based on undo logging that performs the logging operation out of the critical path.

8-Nov-17 Margus Lind Bjoern Franke Generalized Profile-Guided Iterator Recognition
15-Nov-17 n/a n/a No lunch (PG Open day)
22-Nov-17 Brian Coyle No speaker PPar social lunch.
29-Nov-17 Brian Coyle Artemiy Margaritov
06-Dec-17 Karen & Volunteers PPar Lunch Deluxe  End of semester social.

Semester 2


Student Organizer


Title / Abstract

17-Jan-18 Mattia Bradascio Galini Tsoukaneri
24-Jan-18 Mattia Bradascio Justs Zarins
31-Jan-18 Mattia Bradascio Floyd Chitalu
7-Feb-18 Pablo Andres-Martinez Philip Ginsbach
14-Feb-18 Pablo Andres-Martinez Daniel Hillerstroem
21-Feb-18 Pablo Andres-Martinez Simon Fowler
28-Feb-18 Aleksandr Maramzin Paul Piho
7-Mar-18 Aleksandr Maramzin Amna Shahab
14-Mar-18 Aleksandr Maramzin Rajkarn Singh
21-Mar-18 Nicolai Oswald Larisa Stoltzfus
28-Mar-18 Nicolai Oswald Vanya Yaneva
4-Apr-18 Martin Kristien Jakub Zaleweski
25-Apr-18 Bruce Collie Rodrigo Caetano-Rocha
2-May-18 Bruce Collie Dan Mills
9-May-18 Martin Kristien Lewis Crawford
16-May-18 Maxi Behnke Vasilis Gavrielatos
23-May-18 Jack Turner Rudi Horn
30-May-18 Jack Turner Viktor Ivanov
06-Jun-18 Karen & Volunteers PPar Lunch Deluxe End of semester lunch series wrap-up/social.