Industrial Internship Opportunities

  Industrial Internship Opportunities


This page is our window onto the range of internship opportunities which are available through our industrial contacts.

If you are a University of Edinburgh PhD student who is interested in one of the internships below, please contact ppar-cdt @ for details on how to apply, if not indicated in any given announcement below.

If you are an industrial partner who would like to add a new internship, please fill out our Internship Information Template or email ppar-cdt-enquiries @

Both students and industry partners may wish to read our Guidance on Internships and Industrial Projects, and check out Our Students’ Internships.

New! Internship with Google’s Deep Mind.


EPCC extends an invitation to PPar students to apply for a fully funded internship at the University of Auburn, AL, USA in order to further an ongoing collaboration.

Professor Anthony (Tony) Skjellum, Director of the Auburn Cyber Reseach Center and Lead Cyber Scientist for Auburn University,  is offering to fund one internship next Summer. Professor Skjellum is interested in projects in the area of HPC or Scalable Internet of Things (IoT).

Topics suggested by Professor Skjellum include:

  • fault-aware MPI
  • anything new and modern for MPI – for example, MPI Sessions
  • MPI + FPGA offloads
  • mixing Akka/Spark/MPI for data-parallel and task-parallel computing in industry
  • using MPI for Cyber Security
  • Parallel algorithms for machine learning

If you are interested in applying or learning more about the internship, please contact Dan Holmes at dholmes @

In-person interviews will be arranged with Professor Skjellum during his visit to Edinburgh in late September, so please express your interest to Dr. Holmes as soon as possible. EPCC will work with potential candidates in formulating a proposal.



ARM is now accepting applications for internships in numerous areas, including: Design & Verification; CPU Design and Development; Research; Applications; and Hardware. Internships are available in Cambridge, Sheffield, France and Hungary. Please visit the Internships page on the ARM website for more information.



Codeplay are internationally recognized experts in advanced optimizing technologies, compilers and programmable graphics. We have been providing acceleration solutions that optimize performance for graphics semiconductor designers and AAA game developers since 1999. Click here for more information.



Google – DeepMind   New!

Internship: Performance Engineering

This is an opportunity for an aspiring Engineer to join DeepMind’s Research team in London for a fixed period of between 14 and 20 weeks.

Our AI researchers constantly invent new models. Running these models efficiently on hardware accelerators, such as GPUs and TPUs, is often non-trivial. DeepMind’s Performance team are working on general solutions to these challenges.

Many of these problems, for example dealing with limited memory capacity or mapping computation to multiple devices, involve complex trade-offs. We believe that Machine Learning can be a powerful tool to automatically find solutions in these complex optimisation space. Interns will have the opportunity to explore these approaches within the Performance team.

Applicants should be studying for a PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering (or equivalent). You should be very familiar with C++ and Python. Prior machine learning experience is desirable but not essential.

We offer an inspiring and collaborative environment and the opportunity to learn from the best in the field. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in applying please e-mail your CV to Murray Cole at: mic @ by end of February 2018.


Imagination Technologies

Internship Title: GPU Graphics Platforms and Tools Software Engineer

The successful applicant will join a team of software engineers developing low-level drivers for the family of PowerVR Graphics cores. They will contribute to design, implementation and maintenance of the software drivers for the current and next generation cores, and assist customers in enabling their new PowerVR-powered SoC platforms, including solving complex hardware and software issues. Click here for more information.

Internship Title: Research Engineer

In this role you would become one of the team that are responsible for the development and improvement of Imagination Technologies graphics. The research group is responsible for delivering novel and innovative solutions to ensure the future success of the company. The group works with development engineers, marketing and external customers to identify research opportunities. This role will provide significant exposure to all of PowerVR’s cutting edge hardware and software technologies. Click here for more information.

Internship Title: Physical Design Engineer
A unique opportunity to experience work within a leading edge physical design team. The physical design team is part of the System on Chip (SoC) division on Imagination Technologies. The team is responsible for creating SoCs from Imagination’s world-leading IP portfolio, including graphics, CPU, communications and video. Working with industry-leading processes and foundries, we create highly complex SoCs which push the IP to limits of power, performance and area. Click here for more information.



Multiple Internships Available

For many years Intel has been jumping head first into the future, bringing fresh and exciting new technology to the world. Thanks to our placements you’ve got the chance to join us, making your jump into one of the world’s leading technology businesses.

Click here to see current vacancies.

For internships at Intel, please apply through the above link.


Internship Project: 

NVIDIA Research is seeking outstanding graduate students for intern positions (2018) in areas including computer architecture and compiler/microarchitecture co-design. Specific topic areas include processor architectures, memory system and DRAM architectures, resilience, and domain specific architectures such as machine learning.  Interest in machine learning applications and architectures is a plus.

Past summer internships have resulted in publishable research and work applicable to student doctoral dissertations.

Competitive candidates will have a track record of research excellence, a strong recommendation from a research supervisor, excellent programming skills, and the ability to work in a team environment. Expertise in graphics architectures or applications is not required.

Interested candidates should send CV’s by January 15, 2018 to Dr. Steve Keckler, Vice President of Architecture Research to skeckler [@]


Oracle Labs

Internship Project:

Machine Learning is becoming an increasing part of modern workloads, and while the Java platform is widely used as the basis for Big Data systems such as Hadoop and Spark, it is not commonly used for the linear algebra intensive work necessary to build or run machine learning models. These programs frequently call out to libraries through JNI or other mechanisms to exploit the better computational efficiency of GPUs or SIMD instructions.The OpenJDK Panama project introduces a new FFI for Java, and adds support for SIMD vector operations, allowing users of Java to explicitly executespectfic SIMD instructions on vectors. This should allow a pure Java implementation of complex numerical algorithms which previously have been written in C or Fortran and called through JNI.

We have a 3 month intern project which will look at using the current Panama prototype to accelerate some internal Oracle ML libraries. The aim is to develop against the current Panama API proposal determining how good a fit it is to ML or compute heavy applications, and suggest API extensions or adaptations which would make it easier for numerical software developers to write high performance Java code. The current code is pure Java, so part of the project will involve implementing appropriate linear algebra algorithms which use the SIMD operations exposed by Panama.

The ML algorithms under consideration are Convolutional Neural Networks, and Conditional Random Fields, both trained using standard Stochastic Gradient Descent approaches. The position could be based in Burlington MA or Cambridge UK. Interested students should contact Tim Harris: timothy.l.harris [at]

Internship Title: Parallel Runtime Systems Intern

We are working on a parallel runtime system, focused particularly on high-performance “big data” applications written in Java.  The main problem we are trying to address is exposing control over storage allocation and placement in a way that combines the low-level control in systems languages such as C/C++, with the guarantees expected when using a high-level language (e.g., no use-after-free bugs, bounds-check failures, etc.). Click here for more information.

Internship Title: Anonymization of relational data sets for workload characterization

Commercial data sets and their associated queries are a valuable source of information when trying to characterize the behavior of databases; they often exhibit behaviors under-represented by benchmarks. However, the information contained in these data sets is sensitive and cannot be distributed widely. This project seeks to develop anonymization software which can replace the individual data in such a data set with randomly-generated data while preserving the behavior of the associated queries over chosen metrics. Click here for more information.



HiPEAC Internship Portal

The HiPEAC Industrial PhD Internships portal lists numerous further internship opportunities, many of which are offered by CDT PPar industry partners, and which are open to applications from PhD students at HiPEAC institutions (including the University of Edinburgh). There is one internships call per year, with new internships being added to the website each February – March. There is a central application process through HiPEAC, and the application deadline is normally around April.

For details about the application process please see:

You will need to create a HiPEAC account in order to view the information about each internship, and to apply for internships listed in next year’s call.