Industry Partners

Industry Partners

We are delighted to thank our many industrial partners for their support and involvement. These companies recognise the importance of the pervasive parallelism challenge to their work. See below for information about how our partners engage with our Centre for Doctoral Training.

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Additional Partners:


The CDT in Pervasive Parallelism also has links with SICSA (the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance) and Informatics Ventures. We benefit from access to SICSA’s researcher network and funding schemes, Informatics Ventures’ expertise, connections and entrepreneurial training, and both organisations’ industrial engagement events such as DemoFest and iV Tuesday, which are frequently held in the Informatics Forum, the home of the CDT.

Why our industry partners support our programme:


Keysight Technologies: “We currently have an active programme of research investigating the impact of multi-core architectures and how these could be used to facilitate and enhance our analysis engines. Thus the proposed CDT is not only timely but highly required to ensure that appropriately skilled individuals are available to industry at large to help us take advantage of the pervasive parallel world.”  – Frankie Garcia, Master Scientist


ARM: “ARM’s products underpin much of the computing sector, making us highly aware of the challenges addressed by the Centre, which will affect many of our technology products in the future. We are eager both to be able to influence the direction of future research in the multicore area and to develop a good relationship with new generations of doctoral graduates, both as possible highly-trained employees and also as they go on to pursue careers in academic research.” – Jem Davies, VP of Technology, Media Processing Division


NXP Semiconductors: “As the world leader in automotive semiconductors we must address increasing levels of networking and security within the vehicle in the most efficient way. Research investigating the benefits of multi-core architectures is of great significance in this market and also the more traditional networking applications handled by NXP processors. It is important that highly skilled people are available to help research the challenges we face.” – Michael Johnston, Automotive Systems Group

Industry partners engage with our Centre through a combination of the following:

For specific examples of recent engagement between the CDT and our industry partners, please see the Industrial Engagement page.

We are developing links with additional companies on an ongoing basis. If your company is interested in becoming an industry partner, please contact