Imagination Technologies Internships

ImaginationImagination Technology Internships

1. GPU Graphics Platforms and Tools Software Engineer (annual placement)


The successful applicant will join a team of software engineers developing low-level drivers for the family of PowerVR Graphics cores. They will contribute to design, implementation and maintenance of the software drivers for the current and next generation cores, and assist customers in enabling their new PowerVR-powered SoC platforms, including solving complex hardware and software issues.​​

The services platforms and tools team is part of the PowerVR software graphics group and interfaces with many other teams, including GPU compiler, OpenGL, OpenGL ES and other driver teams, hardware designers, customer facing product management teams and research teams.

The driver software that the team produces is the foundation of the graphics driver stack and has ever increasing responsibilities such as platform/OS/device/SoC abstraction, GPU scheduling, GPU memory management, synchronisation of parallel hardware and software operations, power and thermal management, and display management.​

Target Capabilities and Skills:

  • ​Any knowledge of kernel and driver programming and concepts is useful
  • Ability to absorb and understand complex designs in existing code

Personal Attributes:

The successful candidate should have the following attributes:

  • Self-starter and confident in own ability
  • Able to communicate effectively and work well in a team
  • Able to understand and communicate complex ideas​​

2. Research Engineer (summer placement)


In this role you would become one of the team that are responsible for the development and improvement of Imagination Technologies graphics.

The research group is responsible for delivering novel and innovative solutions to ensure the future success of the company. The group works with development engineers, marketing and external customers to identify research opportunities. This role will provide significant exposure to all of PowerVR’s cutting edge hardware and software technologies.

The video research team have a track record of success with numerous innovations being included in products. Projects in the team range from display technologies (e.g. de-interlacing, frame rate conversion) through to emerging technologies such as mobile computer vision and computational photography. The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to participate in the influencing of the direction and type of future products developed by the company.

Target Capabilities and Skills

  • Ability to deliver results to deadlines.
  • Excellent personal organisation with effective prioritisation and time management skills.
  • Commitment to engage actively with the team
  • Ability to identify problems and provide innovative solutions
  • Ability to understand and communicate complex ideas

Personal Attributes

  • ​Can do attitude.
  • Good communication skills.

3. Physical Design Engineer (summer placement)


A unique opportunity to experience work within a leading edge physical design team. The physical design team is part of the System on Chip (SoC) division on Imagination Technologies. The team is responsible for creating SoCs from Imagination’s world-leading IP portfolio, including graphics, CPU, communications and video. Working with industry-leading processes and foundries, we create highly complex SoCs which push the IP to limits of power, performance and area.

Target Capabilities and Skills

  • Digital electronics knowledge
  • Knowledge of silicon design principles
  • Understanding of physical design methodologies
  • Keen interest in physical design techniques

Personal Attributes

  • ​Ability to integrate easily into a team
  • Pro-active attitude to problem solving

Company Profile:

Imagination Technologies is one of the world’s fastest growing and most exciting technology companies. The breadth of technologies and markets it serves involves working with most of the biggest and best semiconductor, consumer electronics, multimedia and App content developers and industry partners in the world. Our technologies feature in many of the world’s most exciting products, from the latest smartphones, tablets and media players to the future wireless home, connected multimedia-rich cars and much more.

Location for the three above internships:

Kings Langley, UK

Application Instructions:

If you would like to apply for any of the above opportunities, please send an email stating your interest to You will then be advised on how to apply.


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