The CDT in Pervasive Parallelism runs a programme of regular events which are designed to foster collaboration and camaraderie between our students, supervisors and industry partners, and help students make connections across different areas of the pervasive parallelism spectrum.

Year-Round Events

Pervasive Parallelism Seminar Series 

This series includes seminars hosted by the CDT PPar, alongside seminars selected from existing programmes from within the School of Informatics and the EPCC (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre), which are of particular relevance to CDT PPar students.

For more information and the current schedule, please visit the link above.

Pervasive Parallelism Lunch Series

A weekly lunchtime meeting of Pervasive Parallelism staff and students, PPar Lunches focus on conference reports, opinion pieces, brainstorming sessions and/or informal short talks given by students and supervisors about their work, an interesting paper they’ve read, or anything else PPar-related.

Lunches last no more than an hour (we know that overrunning is bad for attendance!), and provide a valuable opportunity for PPar members to simply be in the same place at the same time. Visit the link above for current and past series schedules, and information about how the Lunches are organised.

Major Events

The CDT holds and participates in a range of events, including student conferences and industrial engagement activities. These gatherings typically feature presentations from students and industry partners, keynote speakers, poster sessions, company booths, and networking opportunities for students, supervisors and industry partners. Meetings of the CDT PPar’s Industrial Advisory Board are often co-scheduled with these major events.

Please visit the pages below for more details about previous events.

3DT and Friends Event – 26 May 2016

Creativity Sandpit with the CDT HiPEDS and CDT AIMS – 26-28 April 2016

CDT PPar & EPCC Industry Engagement Event: Internships & Project Placements – 4 Nov 2015

Internal Conference and Industrial Engagement Event – 2-3 Jun 2015

Kick-off and Industrial Engagement Event – 22 Oct 2014

Industry partners who are travelling to attend one of our events may find the following page helpful: Accommodation and Travel for Events at the School of Informatics

Related Seminar Programmes

In addition to the seminars highlighted in the PPar Seminar Series, the institutes within the School of Informatics, EPCC and other related departments hold frequent talks and seminars which may be of interest to CDT PPar students, and you are encouraged to attend these according to your interests. Even when the topic of a seminar is not situated directly within your field, the seminars should give you valuable opportunities to interact with academics and students from other research areas, other institutes and other universities, which will help you in formulating your own ideas. You are advised to check the relevant web pages for up-to-date information as times and dates may vary.

Most of these seminars and events have mailing lists for which you can request membership. You can sign up to School of Informatics lists here:

The Informatics Seminars mailing list announces seminars both within and outwith the School, which are deemed to be of interest to a significant number of people within the School. You can subscribe to the Seminars list here.